is an incredibly beautiful country. Especially the capital Edinburgh has fascinated me so much. Edinburgh is an old town full of historic buildings and facilities. The city has a “touch of vintage” and gives the feeling of experiencing the history of the country. Scotland isn’t only famous for its Highlands, but also for cashmere, kilt, bagpipes and much more. As a public transport there are only buses – and believe me, you come everywhere with it.

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Kartal Tastan

You’re definitely wondering now, she is neither married nor pregnant, so why BabyCare? After 24 years I‘m no longer an only child due to my brother being born soon. We will have the same mother, but not the same father. My brother will be called Kartal and he will be born according to the doctor on October 5, 2017. Many ask me how does it feel? So honestly it feels incredibly funny, I feel more like a mother rather than a sister. As if someone else gave birth to my child. It is also very nice for me to make such an experience before I keep my own child in my arms.

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