About Me

Who is Mrs Balal ?

Mrs Balal was born on 13.07.1993 in Germany. Originally she is a Turk from the Aegean region but lives in Switzerland. She didn’t really have a straightforward way of education, but she did it from the Hauptschule to the lecture hall and recently completed her Bachelor of Business Administration in Stuttgart and Edinburgh successfully – Nothing is impossible. Her zodiac sign is cancer, so maybe that’s the origin for her love for everything related to water. She loves food, but can’t cook. Traveling is one of her passions. She loves to inquire foreign countries, to get involved with different cultures and to get to know people. Her goal is to travel around the entire world. This page serves as a guide for the countries in which she already has been. These are her proposals and experiences, which she collected in the respective country. Products or recommendations are mentioned voluntarily and provided by her collaborations are accordingly marked. Her attitude towards life – Everyone should do what he likes to do and let nobody stop them. Unfortunately, there are very few people to not begrudge success.

She uses only Instagram and Periscope and is not represented on any other platform.