Together with my friend Büzii we organized a 6 days – 6 countries trip. We booked our flights using the Skycanner page. The countries came about by leaving Departure – Edinburgh; Destination airport – flexible. Based on the list we have found and booked the cheapest flight to Poland, and the same match starting from Poland. Per flight 50 euros have been planned and per stay also 50 euros. Our first stop on February 28, 2017 was Warsaw, the capital of Poland. We arrived very late and stayed at the airport. Our 3 star hotel was almost three seats to lie, a socket and toilet in the immediate vicinity. A blanket we had taken from home.

The first night was a bit tedious and uncomfortable; we got smarter during the trip. We should have had a sleeping bag and instead of a small luggage take a backpack with us! The city with the luggage was also not easy, especially when the roads are vacant. In the morning we addressed ourselves in the toilet from the airport, that means: brushing, putting on make-up and changing clothes. We took the first bus into town around 8am and with Citysightseeing Bus we saw the main hotspots. We ate breakfast in Pizza Hut right in the centre; through the daily offer we made use of us and got soup as a starter. Honestly, we didn’t really pay attention to how we eat ; we ate arbitrarily on what we just wanted.

The old town of Warsaw was very nice. I would advise anyone to visit the old town and especially the Warsaw Royal Castle. Warsaw is very authentic with relatively little tourism, although there is so much to see. Countless historic castles, churches and monasteries offer a great variety of culture and history. I’ve noticed that the area was relocated from many churches; that meant for me that they are very religious. You can make beautiful pictures there, ideal for a photo shoot. The currency in Poland was very advantageous for us, so the trip was extremely cheap and we had nowhere to save, whether food or coffee drink. Lody was my favourite, I haven’t eaten so delicious waffle anywhere. Incredibly nice and helpful people, although they couldn’t really speak the English language.

My memory or collection through the countries was always a plate souvenir, on which the country stands.

For shopping I recommend the Zlote Tarasy shopping centre, it is huge and all brands are available. On the top floor is a photo box, where we could keep our memories on pictures. My friends asked me if I was in Krakow, it should be very nice there too. The next time I travel to Poland again, I will definitely fly to Krakow.


The next morning at 5 o’clock we had to fly again and where the next trip goes on day 2 you will learn next week.






  • CitySightSeeing Warsaw
  • Royal Castle
  • Palace of Culture & Science
  • Old Town Square
  • Zamek Królewski
  • Złote Tarasy
  • Shabby Chic Coffee & Wine Bar
  • Bazyliszek Cafe
  • LODY



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