Facial Care Routine

Today I’d like to tell you about my facial care routine. I have the most common skin type – the mixed skin. This means that the skin is dry in some parts of the face, but other places straight brow, nose and chin are very greasy.

My face is very dry after showering; the T-zone becomes oily during the day. Before my nose surgery I hadn’t such a problem really. I don’t treat my face very often. I have relatively fine, small pores. My blackheads are very small; the only problem are pimples, which I sometimes get on the forehead or on the cheeks. This is due to the fact that I pull my face with the thread technique.

I’d like to give you a few important tips and mention products that have helped me personally. Since every type of skin is different, you don’t always get the same results. My first tip is remove your make-up before you go to bed. It is very important, however, we women are somewhat lazy. In addition, there are many mistakes made during the make-up removal.

Mistake #1: Don’t use wet wipes but micelle water. This won’t irritate your skin so much.

Mistake # 2: Thoroughly wash the face with any soap. It is best to use a brush for it. I use the brush of Braun and the soap of Argan.

Mistake # 3: Doesn’t use towels to dry your face but cosmetics.

After cleansing, I recommend you go over the face with an ice cube, so you can prevent wrinkles. Once a week, I use a black mask. Before you have to open your pores first, you can do it with a steam bath or hot water. For this, hot water is placed in a bowl, holding the head over it, covered with a towel; its almost like inhaling.

In addition I use the pore cleaner, which I ordered from Amazon. This sucks all the dirt for the first time and then the mask can be applied.

For my lips, eyebrows and eyelashes, I use Vaseline. Don’t underestimate Vaseline, my eyelashes became fuller. Under my eyes I use Balea Eye Gel Pads or Eye and Lip Serum, which is also from Balea. Finally, I cream my face with the serum of Yves Rocher. I’d like to advice that you don’t put make up your face that day, but take a break and have a beauty day. I’ve recently discovered Diadermine Lift + Instant Effect, which is ideal for small wrinkles, which fill up immediately with the available ingredients. You should make the application before make-up. What I use before the make-up or how I put make up myself, you will see soon synonymous with a video. I’m glad if I can help you.



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