Nose surgery

Many people know, that I had a nose surgery in May 2017. I had a deviation of the nasal septum, but that wasn’t the main reason for my surgery, I felt uncomfortable with my nose. Since I was able observe myself in the mirror, I always had complex with my nose. Pictures from the profile – didn’t exist from me.

I will briefly tell you how the whole thing has expired and for those who plan on a nose surgery, all you have to consider and know. So I have long researched who the best doctor is, how the costs are and how the operation works. With each, the operation runs differently, because it depends on the skin surface of the nose.

Before surgery:

I had to appear sober in the hospital and then my blood count was checked immediately and whether I had any allergies. After it went off positively, I was transported to the operating room and got an anaesthesia injected.

After the surgery:

After the operation, I was taken to the room and had ice bags on my eyes. I had no pain at all, not even later. I was also not blue-yellow-green, although I rarely cooled. I can be really glad that I had a good surgery behind me.

The biggest problem was that I could only breathe from the mouth. I can’t fall asleep when my mouth is open. It was a nightmare. Breathing and eating at the same time was exhausting. And I drank not only soup I ate everything. You should avoid laughter and general mimicry. Anyone who knows me knows I often laugh, so I kept my cheeks together and laughed.

I spent only one night in the hospital, after that I was allowed to go home. At home I lay with the bandage for 7 days. On the 7th day the bandage was taken off me and the tampons sucked out, a totally bad feeling. My new nose was touched, I felt only tingling, I had really very bad panic attacks. When I touched my nose, I didn’t feel the tip at all and the spot that was cut just as little.

Then the moment I got a mirror, incredibly funny feeling. I was neither happy nor sad. At that moment everything was indifferent because everything was swollen and so thick. I was a completely different person.

It was so tape stuck on my nose and so I should run for another 7 days. You’re definitely wondering when the seams are out? – not at all. It goes off by itself, from the 10 days always single.

Nose cleaning was also such a drama, so if you get a flu in the phase, I‘m already feeling sorry for you. With cotton swabs you can clean the rough front, but not quite. I got an oxygen from the pharmacy which facilitates the nose cleaning. The question from when can one again properly nose grooming? I don’t believe so, so I use the tissues, but first the one nose wing then the other, you can’t bend the nose. I should always massage my nose, with two fingers from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Meanwhile, I like my nose and I only regret to haven’t dared earlier. Until the nose is completely attached to the position, it takes up to a year.

The most important and interesting question, how much did all cost? I paid exactly 2,200,00 € for it.

The result: There is a place that real more striking than in the pictures. So I don’t want to tell you my doctor as a reference or the hospital. It is also the fifth month it can also change everything. The swelling hasn’t yet completely disappeared and the tip of my nose is still rock-solid. I wake up every day with a different nose.


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